Operation Falcon Q&A: Meet Chelsea Britt

Meet Chelsea Britt, an electrician who sat down with us to talk about the Turnaround, what sparks her interests, and her reasons for working safely.

Q. What is your Trade?
A.  I am an electrician. I started working at Irving Oil with Jacobs in 2010. I am working the night shift during this fall’s Operation Falcon Turnaround.

Q. What is your hometown?
A. I was born in Saint John and grew up in Hampton.

Q. Tell us about your family?
A. Besides my mom and dad, I have a younger sister and an older brother. My boyfriend Alex Long works as an operator in North Process.

Q. Do you have any pets?
A. No pets yet, but someday I really hope to have a dog, a husky.

Q. What do you like to cook?
A. I like to bake cookies and cupcakes.

Q. What are your reasons for working safely?
A. I want to work safely and I want others to work safely so we can go home to the people we care most about. I try to stay aware of my surroundings as much as possible. I ask questions if I don’t know.

Q. What do you like to read and watch on TV?
A. I like to read Harry Potter books. I watch Big Brother and Modern Family.

Q. What are your hobbies?
A. I like to stay active. I play soccer, volleyball, and I go to the gym regularly. I like to travel. I’ve been down south, visiting some great cities to see sporting events, and I hope to go to Australia and Europe some day.

Q. What brings you to Irving Oil?
A. It’s nice to be 20 minutes away from home and not have to go out west to work. The people here are great and there is so much to learn. You get to see or learn something new every day.